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Why Us?

As a luxury travel agency, we have a core understanding of the importance of personalization. Whether you're planning a romantic escape, a fun-filled family vacation, or extraordinary birthday celebration, our team goes above and beyond to craft an experience designed specifically for you. Discover why partnering with us unveils a world of unparalleled experiences and seamless expertise, setting the stage for a journey beyond expectations.

Your Luxury Travel Agency

Your travels are our passion. Our Leisure Travel Advisors will want to know more than where you wish to go and what you wish to see — they desire to know why you are traveling. Whether you seek to celebrate an anniversary, bond with loved ones, experience foreign cultures, or simply treat yourself, our work begins with learning the spirit of your trip. This informs everything we do.


The itineraries we create are never “off the shelf”. We customize everything, starting with the wants and desires that you share with us, and continuing with experiences from our own repertoire. We do the work, all of it, to create unique itineraries that are a true reflection of you.


While our travelers often know what they want, they seek from us how best to achieve it. We have spent decades forming relationships with the world’s best hoteliers, restaurateurs, drivers, and guides. We leverage our relationships to provide experiences unavailable anywhere else. Our depth knows no bounds, and sharing it is our greatest pleasure.


Value does not always mean the very best that money can buy, nor does it always mean finding the “best deal”. The value we provide is finding the greatest travel experiences available — experiences many of our travelers would not have thought possible. We know that you will be entrusting us with a very meaningful part of your life. This we never forget.


There is no area of the world we cannot open for our travelers. Through our travel consortium, Signature Travel Network, we readily access the very best options available anywhere. Luxury is limitless. We delight in serving it. You’ll delight in living it.


“I cannot say enough great things about Corporate Travel and in particular their leisure division, Exceptional Journeys.  Our trip to Northern Italy for our family of 5 was a spectacular success because of this travel team and our travel planner Jennifer Barto.  Everything went off without a hitch!  She secured for us a network of 5 star drivers and guides who were personable, knowledgeable, and extremely professional.  We learned so much and really enjoyed each and every one of them. We highly recommend planning a vacation with Exceptional Journeys and particularly Jennifer Barto.  You won't be disappointed!"

—Patty Sharkey

“I have used Corporate Travel Services' Exceptional Journeys many time over the course of the past few years and have always had extremely positive experiences with them. They always create the highest quality, customized journeys for me and my travel group tailored to our travel intentions, budgets, etc. Most recently they have planned my trips to Russia and Kenya -- developing customized experiences to get immersed into the culture and country! I would highly recommend them.”

—Ian Pappas

“I could not possibly think of one bad thing. It’s just not happening. It’s been spectacular! We’re thrilled, humble, and grateful for every aspect.”

—Beth McNish

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